Joint position paper on the need for an EU-funded Accident & Injury data system

17-12-2012 Following the initiative of ANEC and BEUC, NORMAPME is holding a consultation on a call on the European institutions to create an EU-funded accident & injury data system, under the co-ordination of the European Commission. Accidents and injuries place a huge burden on societies and individuals in the European Union. These injuries result in significant financial costs to individuals and families, as well as to employers and the state, in terms of lost earnings, lost production and treatment costs. By far the majority of these injuries (80%) are due to home and leisure accidents. Most injuries are preventable and so too are the related costs to society. Reliable and up-to-date accident and injury data are of great importance to a wide range of stakeholders, such as consumers, business, governments, enforcement authorities and the health sector.  These data are critical in the setting of priorities; the development of policy; the determination of preventive actions and public awareness campaigns; the understanding of risk; and the design of safety into new product standards. The information gathered is of great value, but could add a burden to the health professionals. NORMAPME therefore supports the proposal of a system that is based on voluntary participation, and where the administrative burden is reduced to a minimum and funding is made available to cover any costs. We particularly would like to hear if you believe the content of this text may affect SMEs and if modifications can be made that make it more SME-friendly, by 7th January 2013. Please find more info on the consultation under  [...] Continue reading


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